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Do you want to turn your yard or garden into a masterpiece? If so, you need some common landscaping materials. Although not super popular, sand / white sand and gravel are two top fits you can add to the decoration. Plus, this two help transform the beauty of your yard in a subtle yet sophisticated way.

If used right, you can get fairytale-like white sand and gravel pathways. Sprinkle your creativity to spice up the decoration. At Andolina Materials, we help you achieve a gorgeous look for your garden. 

Here’s how our gravel and sand can enhance the delicacy of your yard:


Roads or mini paths add an excellent landscaping feature to your yard, and gravel in Charlotte NC is your best option for it. Besides making your yard more beautiful, it comes with other benefits too. It prevents erosion and offers robust drainage control.

It works smoothly and lets the water flow unhindered, and doesn’t disturb the soil at all. Also, it’s very low-maintenance since you need to regrade these just once a year. Gravel in Charlotte NC is a great filler for completely constructed retaining walls.

Now, gravel in Charlotte, NC might not look attractive by itself, but with a bit of effort, they can transform into magnificent elements, making your garden or yard dazzling.


Sand or white sand is another incredible landscaping element. It’s useful when you’re building a stone garden bed. Sand comes with practical irrigation qualities. As a result, you can easily pour the sand on a comparatively larger land without disturbing the yard’s drainage system.

Sand can improve your yard in many ways. The top-shelf sand grain quality makes the leveling process much easier. It’s more like that texture is the perfect quality material to treat a rough exterior.

Installing concrete paving stones requires sand uses as well. Add sand between the paving stones as the waterproof feature helps water run through the pavers and keeps waste away. Sand also does an excellent job of creating friction. It lets the stones stay in place and prevents fluctuations of your walkaways or driveaways. Adding some sand in your kid’s play box or the area will work as a cushion in case of falls or accidents.

As you can see, our gravel and sand Charlotte NC will help you do much more than just decorating your yard. At Andolina Materials, we aim to offer you top-quality material that’ll do what’s mentioned above and more. If you ever wonder “where to buy techniseal polymeric sand,” Andolina Materials is your go-to. Turn to us for the best advice and quick solution.

Our high-quality white sand and gravel in Charlotte NC bring a lot more benefits too. Such as:

Outstanding base material quality

Want to decorate your yard with several fancy and artistic embellishments like rock gardens and fountains? If so, the base of these decoratives must be strong enough to support them. And our sand / white sand and gravel in Charlotte NC can help with that. Plus, it also makes a great base for seating arrangements.

Excellent grass alternative

A lawn garden tends to require a lot of attention and regular maintenance. If you don’t want that, there are some alternatives as well - a combination of natural rocks and pea gravel in Charlotte, NC. These are low maintenance and save your expenses.

Makes your yard more beautiful

Since the sand / white sand and gravel in Charlotte, NC isn’t super expensive, you can easily use them to beautify your yard aesthetics. For example - decorating with ornamental stones / rocks or lining your walkways. Creative applications can help make your yard an attractive one.

Cost-effective and long-lasting

The most fantastic feature of sand / white sand and gravel in Charlotte NC is they’re non-perishable, thus, have a lengthy shelf life. Buy them in bulk and store for however long you want without worrying about the quality dropping.

If you’re thinking sand / white sand and gravel in Charlotte, NC would be a good investment for your yard or garden, Andolina Materials is only one call away. Whether you want bags or bulk, we’ve got your needs covered. We’re a promising company delivering the quality we claim.

So, if you’re still stuck at “where to buy techniseal polymeric sand,” choose Andolina Materials. We’re known as the best techniseal polymeric sand dealers for our quick response, prompt deliveries, and superior quality. Since there are numerous companies out there, you must ensure the most efficient techniseal polymeric sand dealers.

Besides our top-notch products, we also have wide-ranging products addressing many needs. Here’s our range of sand / white sand and gravel for landscaping:

  • Red Mortar
  • Regular White
  • Extra White
  • Fill Sand
  • Masonry Sand

Use Andolina’s high-quality fill dirt in Charlotte, NC, to help your yard grass breathe and grow better. A sand fill dirt in Charlotte, NC works best for the lawn grasses.

Another mesmerizing feature for your garden / yard would be adding flowers or plants. And to protect your flower / plant beds, you require good support like river rock in North Carolina. Edging the flower / plant beds with river rock in North Carolina will offer a magnificent look.

Besides giving an excellent look, river rock in North Carolina has other benefits too. The border around the flower / plant beds with river rock in North Carolina prevents erosion and keeps the mulch in place despite bad stormy / rainy weather.

As you can see, at Andolina Materials, we’re well aware of our craft. Thus, we can guide you through the entire landscaping process. With every ounce of our 15 years of experience, we strive to serve you the best.

At Andolina Materials, we go beyond gravel and sand to offer a wide array of landscaping materials, including mulch, stones, and soil. With our Andolina Materials Calculator, precision in estimating quantities is at your fingertips. Explore our services in Matthews, NC, and Monroe, NC, and embark on a journey to transform your outdoor space with our quality products.

Give us a call to learn more about us and for all your gravel and sand material needs. You’ll get them delivered safe and sound – on the same day or the next day. You can also pick up the materials right from Andolina Materials.

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