Trusted Soil Supplier in Charlotte, NC

Soil is the most critical element when it comes to landscaping. Want to give your yard a healthy, long-lasting life? Choosing the right soil is your answer. At Andolina Materials, we help you find top-shelf soil for your yard.

Having the right soil comes with a ton of fantastic benefits.
With our finest provided soil, you'll get:

  • Excellent water storage for the wildlife, plants, and humans
  • Adequate storage for atmospheric carbon
  • Reduced flooding as it’ll soak up rainfall
  • A fantastic home environment for organisms like earthworms and microscopic bacteria, which later on becomes a source of nutrition for plants
  • Clean water, which removes dirt and other pollutants
  • Sufficient support to the supplier plants, which provides us with food, fiber, medicine, and others

Your soil must be highly nutritious to offer these benefits. And that’s where we come in. Trust Andolina Materials to provide you the perfectly healthy soil for all landscaping projects. Our top soil Charlotte NC comes with a balanced amount of essential macronutrients and micronutrients. We ensure the quality to eliminate your headache. Aside from soil, you can also check out some of the products that we offer such as mulch, stones, and gravel and sand.

Whether you’re new to landscaping or not, you must know the differences between different soil types. Understanding soil types helps you achieve the desired landscaping look and saves you from wasting money, time, and effort. Plus, the quality and texture of top soil in Charlotte vary from region to region. For example: an area with a higher percentage of sand will have sandy topsoil in Charlotte, NC.

But that won’t be the case for areas with more clay. Making it essential to know which type of site you’re about to landscape, and we – Andolina Materials – have everything you might need to begin your landscaping. We’ll also take care of any modification your land can ever need.

When landscaping, investing in the wrong kind of soil is the last thing you want to do. Without caution, you might end up spending twice. You can either do your due diligence on soil, or, just call us at Andolina Materials – and we will do the heavy-lifting for you.

Our mission is to ensure you get the suitable soil and the perfect landscape. And we offer the finest quality near Indian Trail, NC, and the nearby areas. What’s more, our soil-related materials come in a wide-ranging range too:

  • Topsoil
  • Flowerbed Mix
  • Red Fill Dirt
  • Bio Retention Mix
  • Soil Conditioner
  • Mushroom Compost

These are all top-notch products guaranteed to make your yard look perfectly healthy. One of our most essential soil materials is topsoil in Charlotte, NC. Let’s look at it in detail below:


Topsoil in Charlotte is a mixture of silt, sand, and clay covering the earth’s exterior. The surface can be 5-12 inches. Ensure the layer of the top soil in Charlotte isn’t too thick, as it’ll prevent air from reaching the roots.

Instead, opting for the loamy texture is more acceptable for landscaping as they’re easier to till and better for airflow. As it’s convenient to work with, the topsoil in Charlotte NC is considered an “all-purpose” soil. Making it a lot more fertile / productive for plants than other regular soil.

Alongside these qualities comes the high price. The topsoil in Charlotte isn’t the cheapest option out there. But luckily, at Andolina, you get the quality you pay for. And that’s not all. Finding a good soil supplier is just part of the process. You must still go through the troubles of delivering to your project site. Here at Andolina Materials, we make your experience a bit more comfortable.

Besides offering you the top-shelf materials, we deliver them to your doorsteps too. And for your convenience, we also have the same day and the next day delivery service. You can either get your bulk soil delivery to your project site or come pick it up yourself. Our incredibly skilled truck drivers will carefully complete the bulk soil delivery, saving you time and hassle.

With 15 years of experience under our belt, we’ve gathered a substantial amount of experience in dealing with landscaping problems. Be it offering quality material or delivering them to your doorsteps, Andolina takes care of everything. Our prices are reasonable too. And our ultimate objective is your satisfaction. Making Andolina Materials the best supplier for top soil in Mooresville, NC, and near Mount Holly, NC.

Instead of running around and pulling your hair out, pick up the phone, give us a call to get your free estimates, or contact us to place an order for your project’s soil. Simplify your project planning with our Andolina Materials Calculator for precise material quantity estimates.  To learn more about us and explore our extensive offerings, visit our website. We will deliver you the finest soil with the utmost care and unload them at your convenience.

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